Glimpse of a Journey
Unaltered, unedited photography 2011. 
Traveling through time, the fading of the characters
and pictoric element in the series explores the passing
through life as part of its whole. As moments of search and
poetry that sparkle in and out of this universe. 
Land Escapes
Unaltered, unedited photography 2011. 
These series search for the inherent drawing within the vastness of the landscape to bring about a sense of chronology, but standing as unique pictoric elements on their own.
Moments of prayer 2011
A photography series representing a longing to capture a moment of prayer. The longing to make of the image, a lasting memoire, that will have gained the energetic qualities of the expressed moment. Through intention, the camera becomes a medium to capture a landscape in constant movement, the sky and clouds. Such intention is embibed in a single petition to the cosmos. The attempt to create a sacred personal image to hold and utilize as a totem of such moments of prayer. 
Inner Landscapes 2009

Mixed media.

Inspired and based on late artist Leo Tena's paintings of the seven chakras.

I looked around to find myself completely alone. And there, where nothing can be seen, where nothing can be heard, my heart burst forth, with truth, with love.


Then I curled up again and rolled the miles of tainted ego, to territories unknown, to uncomfortable mirrors.


My thoughts let loose. Control was gone. I faced existance with what I got.


The words of the wise ones echoed in my head, silencing my grief.


Yet mine were the only eyes I had to see.


With a humbled heart and dareful eyes I walked the path. Leaving behind what I thought I was, and discovering what I know I am.

Mixed drawings
Reality Shadows
Photography 2003
Silence in action
Photography 2011
Cascades of perception 2009
An abstract painting series expressing through change of color the changes in perception of the same objects that are seen. Thus, exploring the changes in the individual inner and outer sensory worlds represented by cascades of color to represent uncoded information. 
Ritualistic Butoh dance at light and fire installation.
Mixed Media